New Detroit celebrates 50th Anniversary with Genealogy & Storytelling Racial Healing Project

Participants discover centuries of ancestry through genealogy research and DNA testing

Detroit – New Detroit, Inc. is celebrating its 50th anniversary by embarking on a new racial healing project that combines genealogy research and DNA testing with historical analysis and storytelling to shine light and understanding on the issue of race in America.

This project will explore how, why, and when the concept of race was created and used in society, and in particular during the participant’s family’s journey. Working with New Detroit's team of experts, including an historian, storyteller, evaluator, geneticist, and genealogists, participants will discover their families’ stories over the past 150 to 200 years to understand how this has shaped their perceptions, values, and vision. Tying in historical and sociological timelines, the findings will be contextualized within political, social and economic history.

By learning the art of storytelling and taking the DNA test to explore their genetic beginnings, these participants will take what they learn to design community storytelling events. Each participant will hold three storytelling events to share his or her narrative. The project aims to equip our members and partners with the language and perspective to dismantle racism and its effects within their organizations and communities in metropolitan Detroit.

New Detroit is leading participants on this journey so that all will be able to share and clearly see what divides and unites families, communities, cities and the nation, and how the social construct of race ultimately defies logic, genetic science and personal life stories.


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New Detroit: a racial justice organization
The metropolitan Detroit leadership organization working to identify and eliminate racial disparities in the region by building economic equity, social justice and racial understanding.

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