As an advocate and resource to the community, New Detroit is committed to maintaining an updated Library & Resources page so that our constituents can stay informed on issues pertinent to race relations. Our Library & Resources page includes New Detroit publications such as our annual report and The Coalition Newsletter as well other resources and books that can help inform our region to improve race related issues.

New Detroit Publications

Annual Reports

New Detroit maintains annual Reports to the Community to maintain transparency in our activities, outcomes, and finances.

New Detroit Newsletter

New Detroit Newsletter is New Detroit's regular electronic publication that keeps our constituents informed on our current events and programs.

The New Detroit Race Equity Report

New Detroit is committed to conducting research on best practices to eliminate racial gaps and improve outcomes for minority individuals and communities. Our research is published in reports that highlight our areas of focus, particularly around education and economic equity.

Other Resources

New Detroit makes available other resources published by our partners and friends that are pertinent to racial justice and race relations in the Metro Detroit region. These publications often focus on either specific minority groups represented in southeast Michigan or more general race related issues.

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Suggested Readings

New Detroit maintains a suggested library of readings that are relevant to our work. These suggested readings are categorized based on our areas of focus. These include:

  • Economic Equity: These books tell the story of how people of color have systematically been discriminated against, resulting in huge disparities in financial stability.
  • Educational Opportunity: These books provide information on the impact of race on educational attainment for U.S. students.
  • Impacting Institutional Practices: These books offer a glimpse into various racial groups history in the United States and the impact of race relations on these communities.
  • The History of Detroit: These books tell an accurate portrayal of Detroit's history and how this great city became the city that it is today.
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