Youth Leadership Summit on Race

New Detroit, a racial justice organization, held its annual Youth Leadership Summit on Saturday November 5th. With nearly 200 high schoolers representing over 50 schools, this year’s Summit was an eye opening experience for those in attendance.

The Youth Leadership Summit provides an opportunity for student leaders to network with other high school students throughout Southeastern Michigan while working together to improve race relations in their schools and neighborhood.

The Summit is filled with a day of learning about racial justice and how students can play a role in shaping the conversation in Metro-Detroit. This year’s theme: “Says Who?” intended to turn the dominant narrative of identity and labels on its head.

Some feedback we found particularly insightful came from the youth themselves. When we asked “What the most important thing that you learned” we heard:

“That labels shouldn’t matter”

“The Labels activities opened my eyes”

“How racial stereotypes and labels affect our country”

“I learned to look past labels”

This was yet another fun-filled day of cultural exchange and respectful dialogue brought to our region by New Detroit.

I would like to join the New Detroit Youth Leadership Institute.

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