Our Mission

New Detroit is a coalition of leaders working to achieve racial understanding and racial equity in Metropolitan Detroit.

Racial Understanding

Multicultural Leadership Series

Multicultural Leadership Series allows leaders to build racial understanding through a comprehensive, in-depth, cultural immersion experience.

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Conversation on Race

Conversation on Race is a structured model that engages leaders on a variety of levels through open, honest, and safe dialogue with tangible action among participants.

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Organizational Cultural Competency

Competency training for companies and organizations that aspire to address specific topics that leads to a culture of organizational equity.

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Genealogy and Racial Healing

This project challenge and change collective perspectives on race and uplifts leading voices that will advocate for change.

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Racial Equity


Reflected in median income; an individual’s effective income; income inequality in the community we serve; job readiness; access to, and representation in high-growth sectors of the economy; and physical access to jobs, including transportation.

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Quality Education

Includes access to pre-school through high school, vocational, post-secondary, and professional education and training, ongoing training and re-training, and life skills such as financial literacy.

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Health and Safety

Includes personal physical safety, food and air quality, access to community institutions and services, and health care at all stages of life.

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