Our Mission:

New Detroit is a coalition of leaders working to achieve racial understanding and racial equity in Metropolitan Detroit.

New Detroit’s Leadership Series on R.A.C.E.

Racial Understanding | Anti-Racism | Cultural Competency | Equity in Practice

Now more than ever leaders recognize they need to be change agents around diversity, equity, inclusion and justice. Join New Detroit and local leaders from our diverse racial and cultural community for a six-part online professional development program and become a positive catalyst for change in transforming your business or community organization.

New Detroit Town Hall Series

Please join us on June 30, 2021 for our Town Hall “Advancing a Racially Equitable COVID-19 Recovery”. This is the second of a 3-part Town Hall series based on a report we commissioned from the Brookings Institute with support from Rocket Community Fund, “Examining and Addressing COVID-19 Racial Disparities in Detroit.” As noted in the report, “The racial gap in COVID-19 diagnosis is not only disproportionately killing Black people but killing Black communities.” Report recommendations therefore touch not only on health but also economic security, employment, education, and housing.

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You can watch the first Town Hall, that aired May 10 and featured the authors of the report, here.


Our History

New Detroit was formed in response to civil unrest in 1967 that uncovered a host of entrenched social and community ills. At the request of then Michigan Governor George Romney and Detroit Mayor Jerome Cavanagh, business executive Joseph L. Hudson, Jr. convened a unique coalition—the nation’s first—to identify what went wrong in July 1967, what needed to change, and how to make that change happen.

Since then, New Detroit, Inc. has been a unique and valuable arena where leaders of Detroit’s business, civic, grassroots, and religious communities have come together to plan cooperative strategies and to demonstrate their commitment to the city and its environs. New Detroit provides a forum for community leaders to come together to listen and learn from each other and to serve as a regional forum for sensitive issues among individuals who might otherwise have no contact. The coalition has worked to impact the actions of individuals and institutions by serving in a number of roles; advocate, catalyst, convener, and facilitator.

New Detroit Founders: Joseph L. Hudson, Jr.,Detroit Mayor Jerome Cavanagh, and Governor George Romney
The original New Detroit committee

New Detroit has served as a catalyst for change, influencing the actions of individuals and institutions. Through advocacy and leadership by example, New Detroit has demonstrated new ways for solving specific community problems, as well as provided resources to community-based groups.