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New Detroit’s Rebecca Irby facilitated a session at the United Nations 2023 Financing For Development Forum (FfD Forum) on April 18.

The session was designed to ensure the UN hears from diverse constituencies in making decisions on how to finance the UN SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). New Detroit invited Gibran D. Washington, EcoWorks, to speak on the panel and Andrew Kaplowitz, Detroiters Working for Environmental Justice.

Thank you DBusiness Daily for highlighting this important discussion.

We are proud of Rebecca Irby, our Director of Programs & Services, for her stunning presentation at the United Nations on racial equity and climate finance.

In this video, watch Rebecca talk about Climate Financing for Adaptation and the SDGs: shifting from the failed equality model of using GDP to determine funding and moving to an equity based system where money is directed and flows into the hands of those actually doing the work on the ground. We encourage your reactions and comments.