The Just Institute

Just Lead: Advancing Racial Equity conference was the launch of New Detroit’s Just Institute. Watch the highlight reel from the conference here. 

New Detroit Partners with Community Foundation of Southeast Michigan and Vital Strategies to create a Just Care™ training program for providers in hospital emergency room settings treating patients of color with opioid use disorders.

Just Care™ — for the Health Care Industry: Just Care™ is delivered in 5, 2-hour daily sessions. Each day’s program is equal parts presentation and facilitated dialogue. The goal is to mitigate racial disparities in health outcomes. Recognizing that social determinants of health are not the only contributing factors to disproportionate health outcomes, this program specifically addresses racial biases amongst health care practitioners and racism as a root cause of inequity. Just Care™ transforms thinking and action regarding inequity in health care by moving participants from concept to action, to advance equity at all levels of their work. In its first year, we have trained more than 100 participants from Henry Ford Health System, McClaren Hospital, and Authority Health. We are also developing a specialized version for treatment in emergency room settings of patients with opioid use disorders.

Just Place — for the Hospitality Industry: Just Place is a multi-faceted service that analyzes organizational and behavioral conditions, diagnoses institutional and interpersonal challenges, and customizes interventions that include guiding organizational leaders and staff toward improved race relations internally and with patrons. The goal is for everyone to have full and equal enjoyment of any place of public accommodation without racial or cultural discrimination. We are piloting a sampler program with the Downtown Detroit Partnership’s Downtown Hospitality Project, providing diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice training for managers of hospitality related DDP business members and DDP staff.

Just Lead — for Leaders at all Levels: We are beginning conversations with a major local university to create an executive leadership certificate program as well as developing curriculum for the Detroit Racial Equity Blueprint Group.