New Detroit Genealogy and Racial Healing Project is a unique and powerful project combining genealogy research and DNA testing with historical analysis and the art and science of storytelling, to shine light and understanding on the issue of race and ultimately lead to the destruction of this spirit-crushing social construct.

This Genealogy and Racial Healing Project seeks to inform and change hearts, minds and the deeply held—often unconscious—biases that are frequently at the core of structural racism. The project elevates awareness and understanding that the concept of race is a lie. A falsehood planned, constructed and maintained with the sole intent of dividing, conquering and subjugating us all.

The overall vision of this project is to destroy the concept of ‘race’ itself by exploring why, how and when race was created and is used in society as a whole, and in particular during the participant’s family’s journey. This, in turn, helps a diverse group of participants discover that they, and their ancestors, have so much more in common than they may think, if only the false and harmful cloud of racial identity was removed.

A key benefit to participating individuals and organizations will be the opportunity to create and nurture a new personal life story, a new community story, a new organizational story – a whole new race narrative.