Detroit – New Detroit announces their First Annual Racial Equity Conference Just Lead: A New Detroit Conference to Advance Racial Equity at the Detroit Marriott. The conference will be held virtually and in person from October 13-14, 2022. National and local speakers will offer participants compelling perspectives on racial equity and racial justice, and participants can choose from learning paths designed for varying knowledge levels and experiences. This conference will provide leaders with up-to-date information on key issues related to racial equity and equip them with motivation, tools and support to advance racial equity both individually and collectively. This will be a collaborative space to address the critical issues of today with the goal of sprouting a collective vision for racial equity.

About the Conference 

  • Conference Day One: Speakers and panelists will present topics about the intersection of race with economics, health, education and leadership including corporate social responsibility.
  • Conference Day Two: Interactive workshops on racial healing, allyship and leadership

New Detroit’s vision is to dismantle racism in the Metro Detroit region by moving hearts and minds and changing policies and systems. They do this through collective action as a thought leader and advocate for policy change. New Detroit’s work is organized around these three strategies, and includes education, trainings, services, research and programs to fight racism at the personal, institutional and systemic levels.

“An unexamined history creates consequences, and we see violent, destructive and unjust consequences every day as it relates to human rights and racial equity,” said Michael Rafferty, president, and CEO. “We believe that change begins locally, and as the country’s first racial justice coalition in one of the nation’s most segregated cities, New Detroit can lead metro Detroit as a model for change.”

Just Institute 

Just Lead: A New Detroit Conference to Advance Racial Equity is a Just Institute event. Just Institute is New Detroit’s comprehensive suite of certificated trainings and customized consulting.

“New Detroit created the Just Institute to provide organizational assessments, trainings and services to advance racial equity industry by industry. We are creating interventions and solutions for people and organizations who want to deepen their skills to advance racial equity and address systemic racism in healthcare with Just Care, in hospitality with Just Place, and for leaders across all industries and sectors, with Just Lead,” said Rebecca Irby, director of programs & services.

New Detroit has trained more than 20,000 people in its 55-year history. For more information about Just Lead: A New Detroit Conference on Racial Equity or the Just Institute, go to