Little has changed in 60 years when it comes to police in many U.S. cities and their actions against unarmed Black and Brown men. Another unsurprising assault on an unarmed Black man by police. This time in Ohio on “Independence Day.”

Jadarrius Rose surrendered to police with his hands up. Despite that, police unleashed their K9 Unit on him. The dog mauled him.

This same tactic was used against Civil Rights activists in the 1960s – Black men with their hands in the air, dogs sent to maul them.

Rose, 23, driving a semi-tractor trailer, was flagged by police on July 4 because the vehicle “was missing a left rear mud flap.” He allegedly failed to stop for the inspector and troopers who were called in to stop him.

Rose exited his car, hands up. One officer told the victim: “go on the ground or you’re gonna get bit.” Another trooper said the opposite and said “come to me.”

Two different demands by police simultaneously resulted in a man with severe dog bites, pain and trauma.

Unless we continue to completely re-train how law enforcement responds to Black and Brown individuals – and ensure repercussions against police – unfortunately, there is no end in sight for this kind of brutality. This means, our work must intensify.