Ten people were killed and three wounded in a racially motivated mass shooting at a Buffalo grocery store by an 18-year-old self-proclaimed white supremacist, fascist, and antisemite. Investigators believe that the shooter picked the zip code with the highest population of Black people and chose a business at its busiest. The suspect fired 50 shots while live-streaming the loss of life at his own hands.

New Detroit was founded to fight racial injustice and, today, we are outraged and deeply saddened by another mass hate crime in this country. Violence, like what happened in Buffalo, has its roots in the KKK. White replacement theory is getting a voice in the mainstream, gained traction with one-third of adult Americans, and has led to racially motivated murders, other violence, and the proliferation of hatred through social media and other communication mediums.

New Detroit grieves for all the families of those who violently lost their lives and everyone who is experiencing the emotional and physical aftershocks of this senseless and sickening shooting. New Detroit is appalled at this latest horrific incidence of racially motivated domestic terrorism.  This is a time for individuals, elected officials, and those with influence to end the spread of hateful rhetoric and access to military grade weapons that aid in the horrific action of humans hunting humans. Time for action.

Detroit Free Press