Priority Areas


New Detroit focuses its work on areas that represent the greatest potential threat to the community's ability to achieve and maintain positive race relations. These are areas where gaps exist between white individuals and individuals of color where improvements can be made to strengthen racially diverse communities:

Our Priority Areas

Economic Opportunity

New Detroit is focused on initiatives aimed to improve financial stability for people of color, focusing on strengthening and growing minority-owned businesses. Gaps in wealth and financial stability are evident in virtually every area of economic engagement. Simply put, not enough Americans are experiencing their highest economic potential. New Detroit is dedicated towards bringing balance.

Educational Opportunity

New Detroit is steadfast in the belief that all children deserve a quality education. Since our inception in 1967, New Detroit has always served in a leadership role to convene those parties in search of educational excellence. Our reach extends from grassroots communities to boardrooms, from students and caregivers to administrators and policy makers. First and foremost, the effort must be about the children.

Civic Engagement

New Detroit was founded with a overarching goal to improve race relations in the Detroit area. Our work in race relations fosters open communication to create greater understanding between the ethnic groups who make up the Detroit Region. Our goal is to break down barriers and eliminate this highly dubious distinction.