About the Project

“This project’s main objectives are to promote racial healing, elevate racial understanding, and ensure an understanding of the concept of race via exploration of race and identity and sharing of stories and experiences. It was designed to give participants a greater understanding of their own racial and ethnic identity within the context of both American and world history.  This project took place in 4 cities, Detroit, Chicago, Washington, D.C., and Baltimore.”

Session Format:

Presentations on Genealogy, History, and Racial Healing were held at individual sessions. Storytelling was woven into all sessions. To have a complete experience with the project participants would undergo the following: 

  • Individual DNA Testing, to help participants understand their individual genetic background and make-up (this part was optional, but encouraged).
  • Study of The History of the Creation and Use of Race as a Concept, which covers when, how, and why the concept of race was created as well as how that concept is still part of our society today and the effect that it has.
  • Genealogy Research, where participants researched their own family’s history.
  • Racial Healing, where participants recognize and understand the personal emotions related to one’s discovery; and to help participants learn about the stress that race places on people and how to use the Tension and Trauma Releasing technique to heal.
  • Through Storytelling, participants were encouraged to share their experiences.